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MSTO offers free lesson plans to hand out to the participants and tests to use for documentation. Any MSTO members can feel free to e-mail me with a question on construction safety, general industry safety that they may need help to answer. Our responses will be prompt and comprehensive…


Slash Workers Comp Costs with Safety Training

Workers comp costs are headed skywards as false claims and willful negligence cases are impacting the rates that companies pay. Help to impress your insurance carrier with a fully documented safety program that will maximize your impact on the workers and your workers comp carrier while minimizing its impact on your balance sheet.

Minimizing and Eliminating OSHA Fines and Citations

The best way to make money in real estate is ole expression “location, location, location” and the best way to avoid or eliminate OSHA impact on your company is “document, document, and document”. MSTO gets regular quarterly updates from OSHA to keep its training programs on the cutting edge. The downloads section offers you complete PowerPoint training, classroom materials, and tests that will help effectively meet your legal workplace safety standards.

Simplifying or Eliminating your Training Preparations

Spend a few minutes in the downloads section and pick out whatever general industry or construction safety needs you have. It’s all there-HAZCOM, scaffold safety, excavation safety, power hand tools safety, personal protective equipment, fall protection, the newest steel erection safety, lockout – tagout as well as over 100 others..

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OSHA Certified Safety Training

  • Oil Rig Safety
  • Lockout Tag Out For Oil Rigs
  • Power Tool Safety Training
  • HAZCOM for Oil Rigs
  • Fall Protection for Oil rigs
  • Maintenance Services for Oil Rigs
  • … and many more!