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Sami the Safety Sumo (our MSTO mascot & guiding force) seeks to wrestle your safety problems the same way he did for 20,000 other business in 12 different states and 40 years.  These organizations were as diverse as Buddhist Monasteries, 60 story high rise buildings, lithographic operations, America’s cup sailing operations, 1000 employee industrial facilities.

Let us show you how we can enhance your bottom line through comprehensive management safety policies.  Safety policies that are the most effective are those that are developed with employee input.  We have safety incentive programs that will cost little to nothing yet produce results which will vastly enhance your bottom line.

Our topic area range from Accident Investigation to Welding Safety with everything in-between.   Just one back injury can cost a business over $8,000 minimum with back injuries accounting for a small percentage of many business accident experience yet accounting for a disproportionate number of loss work days.  Skype us at 727-493-2207.


US Federal Contractor Registration
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