How much do injuries cost your rig, industrial or construction business?  Take a minute and click on the link to give OSHA’s injury cost estimator using one of your recent accidents.

Would you spend $1899 (our cost for an all-inclusive training package) or $64 million on workers compensation cost?  It is a question you should be asking yourself……

On March 31, 2015 the Tampa Bay Times carried an article about a 2009 workers compensation case in which a single worker was awarded $64 million on a 2009 injury claim against three companies.  64 million Tampa WC case 3-31-2015.   We provide one of the widest assortments of online safety training anywhere on the web.

2009 workers comp injury siteI


The site of the 2009 workers comp case that resulted in a $64 million WC award in 2015.

The Value MSTO Brings to Its Clients
Ten FREE values that we bring to our clients
1. Free Course Outlines – approximate value – two to three hours of supervisor time X $30 per hour =$60 – $90 value
2. Free E-Books on 50 different topics– approximate value – three to ten hours of supervisor time X $30 per hour = $90 to $300 value per topic area X 50 different topics
3. Free Web Quizzes on 50 different topics – approximate value – three to six hours of supervisor time X $30 per hour = $90 to $180 value per topic area X 50 different topics
4. Free documentation with free recordkeeping on completed quizzes – approximate value – two hours X $30 per hour = $60 per topic area X 50 different topics
5. Free Course Preparation safety training course topic for your manufacturing department/construction site/rig platform – a. doing the legal research – one hour to three hours – value -$30 to $90; b. summarizing the course topic – one to two hours – $30 to $60 value; completing a topic related course to be sure the supervisor is familiar with the topic – $30 to $300 value. Total value – $90 to $450 per topic area X 50 different topic
See About MSTO page for more values
Total FREE value items offered the MSTO client $5775 minimum.

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