My Safety Training Online and Ask My Safety Expert
Company Safety Award Ten Principles

Authors – Ralph “Tony” Buglione-CEO My Safety Training Online, Edward Kincade-Vice President My Safety Training Online
Date: January 2018

Principle #1 – the companies that have been previously safety inspected by M.S.T.O. management will be immediately entered into the 2018 Award Program.

Principle #2– The award will be given 12-18-2018 to companies in each of three categories – construction, general industry, and petroleum industry. The award is pictured below:

Principle #3 – there will be preliminary nominees in each of three quarters – the end of April, end of August and the end of November 2018 (each of the following years).

Companies will be notified by mail of their nomination to receive the award. If these companies decide that they do not wish to participate in the awards competition – they will be eliminated at the request of their top management.

Principle #4 – If new negative information (which fits in our qualifying criteria) comes to light between the time that a company is nominated and the award is given, that company can be eliminated at the discretion of M.S.T.O. management .

Principle #5 – The criteria by which a company will be judged favorably by M.S.T.O. will include – having an experience mod at or below its industry norm, having a formal, active safety program in place which fosters the company safety culture, a management as well as rank and file that place safety at the top of their agenda, having no negative federal or state occupational safety inspections on record.

Principle #6 – The winner of the awards in each of the categories – general industry, construction, and petroleum industry will be announced in the medium of M.S.T.O. Facebook page, Twitter page, main website, news media notifications to major news outlets – Associated Press, Gannett Newspapers, CNN, etc.

Principle #7 – Each annual winner will have a permanent place in My Safety Training Online Hall of Fame as a company that places safety culture at its highest priority. The final winners in each category will have the option of receiving the award in person, by mail or by Skype.

Principle #8 – the contestants and final winner in each category will be rated on a points basis for each of the components of an active safety program. Each safety program requirement will be given a point rating by the management of M.S.T.O. The contestants can improve their overall point score by mailing document or emailing PDF documentation to M.S.T.O. management up to 30 days before the final decision 12-18-2018.

Principle #9 – contestants must comply with the Occupational Safety and Health regulations and memorandum covering the use of safety incentive
Policy restrictions intended to encourage accidents to be reported by company personnel as well as other restrictions on the use of such policies.

Principle #10 – Acceptance of the 2018 My Safety Training Online & Ask My Safety Expert Safety Award is a certification by the accepting company management of the accuracy of the company’s safety related documentation submitted to My Safety Training Online & Ask My Safety Expert and/or the accuracy of the documentation that the websi

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