• Free Course Preparation safety training course topic for your manufacturing department/construction site/rig platform
  1. Doing the legal research – one hour to three hours – value -$30 to $90
  2. Summarizing the course topic – one to two hours – $30 to $60 value; completing a topic related course to be sure the supervisor is familiar with the topic – $30 to $300 value. Total value – $90 to $450 per topic area X 50 different topic.


  • Free Safety Consultation on the Safety Topic – a OSHA licensed safety trainer will answer questions that you may have on the safety topic to prepare the worker or supervisor – value – one to three hours of consultant time – $45 to $135 value
  • Free Job Safety Analysis – estimated time to select a job (depending on your accident history), select a worker (one that has the right level of familiarity with the job), and itemize each the specific job steps while proposing potential alternatives. Total estimated time for the supervisor – Two to three hours X $30 per hour = $60 to $90 per hour; worker time – one hour X $25-$35 per hour = $25 to $35; costs saved in lost time injuries – $3000 to $100,000; increase in worker productivity – savings in dollar costs – can only by individual’s supervisor.
  • FREE customized job safety training on one topic of your choosing– estimated costs from other outside contractor’s $2500 to $5000. Estimated cost if your supervisor prepares the customized job training himself or herself – 10-15 hours – estimated cost $300 to $450 per topic.
  • FREE safety training crossword puzzles – free puzzles are provided the supervisor who wants to test his or her workers knowledge base as is required by law. Costs for the supervisor – two to three hours of their time per topic equals $60 to $90 per topic area with 50 different topic areas = $3000 to $4500.
  • FREE Accident Analysis – we provide one free accident analysis per month done by professional safety personnel with nearly four decades of experience in more than 14,000 professional consultations in 12 different states with hundreds of different operation. Value is two to four hours of consultant time at $45 per hour = $90 to $180 value for month X 12 months = total value between $1080 to $2160 total value.


Total FREE value items offered the MSTO client $5775 minimum.