and have combined their resources to produce what we feel is some of our best online safety training to date.  As you may or may not know, the company has 40 plus years as safety professionals who have operated this site since 2004.  We formerly were known as with only 20 online training program to offer.  Today, we offer 46 petroleum industry training programs in English and 44 in Spanish, plus 50 topics in English for general industry and 44 in Spanish.

Our mascot, Sami the Safety Sumo was a bit reluctant to take on the task of producing a new product line.  Each safety training course must have at least five sources of references, web quizzes designed and built,  a course outline written, 40 to 60 hours of product development per course, web pages development, supportive website programming requiring 20 to 40 hours of website programming.  We are now Federal Government approved vendors who have a potential 3 trillion dollar market place in the federal government.

We are former field loss control consultants who have put in 1.5 million miles in the field covering 12 U.S. states while producing loss control reports for the likes of American Insurance Group (including New Hampshire Insurance, Commerce & Industry) , Kemper Insurance, Home Insurance, Philadelphia Indemnity, Allstate, State Farm just to name a few that you may or may not know.  A common thread that united many clients was the need for a 10 hour OSHA safety training course.  Many showed us their completed 10 hour OSHA training certificates.

During that time, we probably had business discussions with over 100,000 people conservatively estimate.  Anybody who has any knowledge of the inside workings of insurance companies knows if an insurance company comes to believe that they can make money off a particular book of business – like the porno industry in Los Angeles in the early 1990’s – insurance companies will write the book of business.

There is one great moment where we were given an inspection request for an account in the San Fernando Valley area whose name gave no indication of what they did.  The description on the inspection request merely indicated “lithographic operation”.  We know what a harmless “lithographic operation” is – it is an offset printing operation – or so we thought.  Upon arriving at the building, we discovered our account had no name on the building and no address number on the building which confused us a first.  We sorted that out and got past the security measures protecting entry only to find out that this account had 12 offset printers operating 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to produce adult magazines.  We are only guessing but they were probably worried about getting raided by the police or FBI in case somebody complained about their product line.

We are now unveiling our new product line – the 10 hour OSHA safety training that is perfectly suited for the busy department supervisor, the top executive who needs to keep their safety knowledge fresh, or the blue collar worker who wants to make a contribution to his or her company safety program.  The 10 hour OSHA training program has mandatory courses and optional courses to get the 10 hour OSHA certificate.  The mandatory training programs are as follows:

a.)  One hour of Intro to OSHA programming;

                          b.)  One hour of Introduction to OSHA Reporting Requirements,

                          c.)  30 minutes of material handling training,

                          d.) one hour of walking-working surfaces safety training,

                          e.) one hour of exit routes, fire prevention plans, emergency action plans

                         f.)  one hour of personal protective equipment training

                         g.)   one hour of hazardous communication training

This will equal a total of seven hours of online  safety training with the participant who wants a 10 hour certificate to take another three more

hours of training from the following optional training programs:

                         a.)  Introduction to Ergonomics – one hour

                         b.)  Introduction to Hazardous Materials – one hour

                         c.)    Machine Guarding Safety – one hour

                         d.)    Blood-borne Pathogens Safety – one hour

                         e.)     Introduction to Safety and Health Programs – one hour

                         f.)      Fall Protection Safety for General Industry -one hour  


Upon the participant completing each of the modules  that totaled 10 hours, will submit your application to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration.  You must FIRST SUBMIT THE  COMPLETED COURSE CERTIFICATES TO THE FOLLOWING EMAIL ADDRESS:   REMEMBER TO SEND US YOUR COMPLETED CERTIFICATES THAT YOU GET UPON TAKING THE WEB QUIZ.  Expect your certificate in six to eight weeks after you have submitted your course certificates totaling 10 hours.  Thanks for choosing us – we completely appreciate your business and we will see you at the next Sami the Safety Sumo wrestling match – it should be a good one.  


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