MSTO Safety Industry References

a.) – the Occupational Safety and Health administration main website offers information such as the location of safety training outreach centers, recent OSHA citations, OSHA’s governmental structure, etc.
b.) – the Department of Labor website which offers information on occupational injury and illness statistics
c.) website with a comprehensive view of safety incentive programs that are structured for every occupational work situation that employers can find themselves.
d.) “Before a Crisis Hits – building a strategic crisis plan” by Larry L. Smith and Dan P. Miller.
e.) website by Mark Moran author of The OSHA answer book for the Construction Industry
f.) American Red Cross website. Consult your local phone directory for nearest chapter.
g.) – federal emergency management website
h.)</strong>- federal bureau of investigation website
i.) National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration website
j.) Office of infrastructure protection and emergency preparedness
k.) “
“> – Office of Hazardous Materials Safety
l.) Department of Homeland Security website

m.)” target=”_blank”> – American Chemical Society, 1155 Sixteenth street NW Washington DC
o.) American Institute of Chemical Engineers, 3 Park Ave, New York NY
p.) – American National Standards Institute,25 West 43rd street, 4th floor, New York, NY
q.) – American Industrial Hygiene Association, 2700 Prosperity Ave, Suite 250, Fairfax VA
r.) – American Society of Mechanical Engineers, 3 Park Ave, New York NY 10016
s.) – American Society of Safety Engineers, 1800 Oakton stree, Des plaines, IL
t.) – Institute of Safety and Health Managers, 4841 E. County 14 1/4 street, Yuma AZ
u.) National Environmental Health Association, 720 Colorado Blvd, Suite 1000-14, Denver CO

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