As a practicing Safety Engineer with over 30 years experience at the time, the founder and CEO (R. Buglione) originally conceived of the concept and need for safety training on line after visiting numerous accounts and completing safety consultations for insurance companies.

The companies called on ranged from small to multinational in size: including commercial solar energy facilities valued at several hundreds of millions of dollars each, city and county government projects of all sizes, assorted contractors, manufacturers and organizations. Virtually all of these clients had no formal safety training programs in place, AND (something they all had in common) were lost when told they needed to do formal safety training for many job situations.

Clearly there was a need to provide easily accessible and available proper training and certification for all the numerous safety training requirements.

Why did we choose edutainment as venue for providing training?
“Edutainment is a neologism (new term coinage), similar to infotainment , that expresses the marriage of education and entertainment in a work or presentation such as a television program or a Web site.”
We chose it because some of the most educationally effective programs such as Sesame Street, The Electric Company, and Mr. Rogers could be classed as edutainment; as well as outstanding Web sites like and

Our mascot Sami (Safety and Management Instructor) the Safety Sumo is a heavyweight in safety training and can wrestle all your safety training and problems into submission through available training programs or through custom/specialized training programs designed specifically for your needs and requirements.

The site originally opened in 2004 (under a previous name) with twenty industrial safety training programs. In 2009 it was renamed www.mysafetytrainingonline, adding twenty-five more training program topics.

We saw the need for bilingual programs and from 2009 to 2012, all English language training programs were translated into Spanish. Forty-Two Spanish language programs became available by 2012 .

Between 2013 and 2015, forty-five additional English language petroleum industry program topics were added as well as forty-two Spanish language training topics. Since 2009 E-Books have been added to the website with every upgrade, making it one of the largest presences of online safety training and e-books on the Web.
Web based course quizzes with customized, OSHA recognized, certificates of completion, based upon a score of 80 or better, were added to each training program by 2015.

By 2018 the website had 800 registered users, and 35,000 plus YouTube video viewings. MSTO also entered into the federal government marketplace as a registered vendor. The company has also done National Safety Council trade shows as well as joined the Midland Texas Chamber of Commerce.

Sami the Safety Sumo has been wrestling safety problems for over 20,000 businesses that were as diverse as Buddhist Monasteries, 60 story high rise buildings, lithographic operations, America’s cup sailing operations, and 1000 plus employee industrial facilities, to name a few.
Let us show you how we can enhance your bottom line through comprehensive management safety training and policies. Safety training and policies that are the most effective are those that are developed with employee input. We have safety incentive programs that cost little to put together yet produce results which will vastly enhance your bottom line.

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