Steel Erection Safety for the Construction Industry


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D.) Walking-Working Surface hazards Discussion
D.1) threaded studs
D.2) miscellaneous
D.3) Multi-lift situations on an oil rig
D.4) Site specific plans discussion
D.5) Structural steel assemblies & the oil rig worker
D.6) metal decking & structural assembly work
D.7) Column assemblage & steel erection
D.8) Double connections & columns discussion
D.9) training requirements for steel erection

Course Outline
Topics that will be covered in each of the sections are as follows:
A.) Section One – Description of what primary & ancillary activities are as defined by the rule
A.1) Description of the Decision Tree chart
B.) Section Two – Description of site layout, hoist & rigging activities, structural steel stability requirements, column anchorage
B.1) Discussion of systems engineering
B.2) Fall object protection discussion
B.3) Dealing with web steel joints
B.4) Fall protection & steel erection discussion
B.5) Control decking zone discussion
C.) Job erection training requirements
C.1) definition of competent person discussion
C.2) contractor duties while an erection is going on

Course Goals – Upon completion of this training, the participant will have the following skills:
a.) Comprehensive understanding of fall protection’s role in steel erection
b.) Thorough understanding of proper site layout procedures to minimize potential for accidents
c.) Grasp the understanding of what primary & ancillary steel erection activities are & their hazards
d.) Understanding the structural steel stability requirements
e.) Use the Decision Tree Chart to decide what portions of the 2001 rule are applicable to your rig worksite


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