Tree Felling Safety Basics for Construction & General Industry English


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Part #1 – Course Description –

Basic Tree Felling Operations – Train the participant to utilize proper felling operations. A
professional cutter can normally look at a stump of a tree and tell how well the basic cutting rules
were followed. It is purpose of this training
program to give the participant those skills which enable them to look at a tree stump and know whether or not safe methods were used.

Part #2 – Course Description – Participant should be able to define what felling hazards he/she faces in cutting down a tree. They should know what the important tree felling definitions mean. They should be able to do pre-job planning to minimize or eliminate their potential safety hazards.

Course Outline Part 1.
A. Discuss the general terms peculiar to the tree cutting industry B. Discussion of the general hazards of the tree cutting industry
C. Discussion of undercutting, the “barber chair, and similar terms D. Discussion of the key features of a chain saw

Part 2.
A. Discussion of the basic parts of tree felling
B. pictures of correct and incorrect tree felling methods C. Basic mechanics of tree felling
D. discussion of the Dutchman cut
E. Discussion of a Barber Cut Part 3
A. Discussion of a Undercut
B. Discussion of Back Cuts & Sloping Cuts C. Discussion of Hinge Cuts
D. Components of a Hinge Cut
E. Recommendations for safe cutting


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