Emergency Procedures Safety for Oil Rigs (surviving the next land version of Deepwater Horizon) English


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Course Description:
Upon completion of the program, the participant will have the following skills:
A. Identify potential fall hazards, fire hazards, and other potential situations along with management desired skills on dealing with those issues
B. Comprehend the basics of emergency management & how they relate to an oil rig
C. Identify potential hydrogen sulfide issues and understand what to do about them
D. Comprehend what alarm systems are present on an oil rig and how to interact with them
E. Assess the seriousness of an emergency & how to react
F. How to handle a potential oil well blowout situation & equipment
G. How to handle caustic chemicals safely & when they will be a problem
H. How to conduct a drill stem test safely

Course Outline:
A. Basics of emergency management & OSHA
B. OSHA fire safety regulations
C. Definition of what an emergency is
D. Description of types of emergencies – general
E. Assess the potential of an emergency and its impact
F. Employee training issues for emergencies – what it must consist of – legal requirements
G. Oil Rig Specific Emergencies
G.1 – Running casing into the hole
G.2 – installing casing accessories
G.3 – Circulating & cementing issues
G.4 – preparing the mud safety issues
G.5 – Breaking out the pipe
G.6 – removing the horsehead
G.7 – pulling and running the tubes
G.8 – hydrogen sulfide issues
G.9 – Mud Circulating safety issues
G.10 – Tripping out & in safety issues
G.11 – Working the Monkey Board issues
G.12 – conducting a drill stem test
G.13 – well control & blowout issues

Course objectives:
Upon completion of the program, the participant will have the following knowledge base:
A. What emergency response systems are in place on an oil rig and how to respond to them
B. What the basics of emergency management consist of
C. What the proper response is to handle a drill stem test problems
D. How to handle caustic chemicals safely when working with drilling mud
E. What the various levels of hydrogen sulfide hazards are & how to respond to them
F. Identify potential fall hazard issues and how to handle them
G. Identify serious material handling issues and know how to safely deal with them.


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