Hand and Arm Vibration Safety for Land Based Oil Rigs English Version


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Course Description:

Hand & arm vibration safety– This workshop provides you with basic skills to evaluate

Course Objectives: Upon completion of this course the participant will be able to:


   Section 1.   Recognize jobsite hazards & equipment hazards

   Section 2.   Inspect and correct potential hazards preventing injuries/illness


Course Outline:

Part 1. Introduction

  1. Definition of HAVS
  2. Seriousness of HAVS

Part 2 –Symptoms
A. Definition
B. Picture of symptoms

Part 3 – Who is at risk?
A. Workers and individuals will high degree of likelihood of HAVS

Part 4 – Prevention of HAVS
A. Choosing the right tools
B. Reducing time exposed
C. Climate factors
D. Human factors
E. All other factors of prevention


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