Fire Safety & the Land Based Oil Rig English Version 5.0


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Course Description:

Upon completion of the program, the participant will have the following skills:

  1. Thorough understanding of the different types of fire extinguisher systems – manual & fixed
  2. Comprehension of the various fire extinguishing methods
  3. Understanding of when to fight a fire and when to flee
  4. Educated in the various potential fire and/or explosion hazards on an oil rig

Upon completion of the program, the participant will have the following knowledge base:

  1. Understanding of various types of hazards & controls on an oil rig
  2. Where fires can start on an oil rig and what the protective systems in place are
  3. Comprehension of what fire extinguisher types are and how to use them
  4. Understanding of flammable gases that are present on an oil rig and how to deal with them
  5. Working knowledge of blowout control procedures & equipment
  6. How to handle Drill stem test fire hazards
  7. Comprehending controls on fire hazards for Cementing, Pumping the Rig, H2S

.A. Chapter One – Terms & Fire Extinguisher Equipment discussion – classes of fire types
B. Chapter Two – Types of Fire Extinguishers
C. Chapter Three – Perforation Services & Fire Safety
D. Chapter Four – Stimulation & Fire Safety
E. Chapter Five – Pumping – Executing the Job & Fire Safety
F. Chapter six – hot work welding & fire safety

G. Chapter seven – Drill Stem Test & Fire Safety
H. Chapter Eight – Cementing Services & Fire Safety
I. Chapter Nine – hydrogen sulfide & fire safety
J. Chapter Ten – Well Control & Fire Safety
K. Rules for fighting a fire & oil rigs
L. Summary & Quiz

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