The ten commandments of an effective safety program will definitely include the following (in my humble opinion after 40 years and 20,000 clients)
a) A top management official in charge of safety related activities who takes a daily interest in safety related items with an emphasis of safety over production (75 points in the contest)
b) A written safety policy statement formulated by top management and signed off by workers BEFORE they begin work with the policy emphasized by the HR person(s).(50 points in the contest)
c) A written policy for safety inspections which includes comprehensive follow-up procedures by an individual who has BOTH responsibility and authority (50 points in the contest)

d) A written management policy statement on the company safety committee which includes both management and labor with authority and responsibility to act on safety investigations. (50 points in the contest)
e) A written and effective safety incentive program which meets OSHA specifications for such programs (50 contest points)
f) Written, customized safety training programs which address ALL of the hazards identified by management in a pre-safety training evaluation of the organization. (50 contest points)
g) An effective, comprehensive supervisor safety training program which is updated annually (50 contest points)
h) Accident investigation of all near misses, accidents by top management personnel and labor to find effective accident prevention solutions. (50 contest points).
i) An comprehensive personal protective equipment program that included a pre-program evaluation by management of the company safety hazards. That evaluation must put its emphasis on engineering and administrative solutions BEFORE giving out PPE. (50 contest points)
j) If the organization has more than 10 workers, a formal safety committee which documents its activities and has management and labor on its roles. (50 contest points)

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