a safety field rep working for an insurance company was notified by inspection request from an AIG company that a general contractor (who we will call ABC contractors) was qualified to receive workers compensation insurance and the company wanted an inspection report called a loss control or risk control analysis. Upon completing the survey on the general contractor who located near Sebring Florida, the field representative concluded that the residential home builder needed a formal safety program with a director, safety policy statement, safety rules, safety training especially fall protection as well as a number of other suggestions.
Six months later, the field rep receives an emergency call from the insurance underwriter involved. It seems the underwriter felt the field rep needed to go immediately to ABC contractors for another field inspection. It seems a jobsite had a worker (17 years experience) fall off the roof and into a hospital with lost time injuries. An interview with the worker produced a statement that the worker had never had fall protection training, had the wrong shoes on & no fall protection measures in place at the time of injuries. Both the worker and his boss could not understand how this injury could happen since they had worked on a 4/12 sloped roof many times and nothing had happened. MSTO guesses that the worker probably also forgot his lucky rabbit foot too that fateful day.